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The first in the world online service for visualizing real-estate development stages.

Soft/Hard cap.

There are always many different ways of how the development of a new IT product will progress, depending on the various nuances and obstacles that can not be fully envisaged. All developers of software and computer games know this.
ICAReum is targeted at users from all over the world. Therefore, depending on the size of raised funds – we will be able to scale our presence in specific regions and increase our presence in others. Therefore, it makes sense to describe what we can implement in the case of collecting soft cap and hard cap.

Hard Cap.

When collecting a maximum amount of $ 27,7 million, the project cost allocation will be as follows:

  • $ 14 million – the cost of GPU servers with SSD data storage, designed for 50,000 users in 10 different regions of the world with developed architectural and investment industries, supporting about 10,000 simultaneous online sessions, with the ability to scale;
  • $ 0,2 million  – legal work and support of the project
  • $ 1 million – marketing during the ICO;
  • $ 2 million – marketing of the ICAR service;
  • $ 2 million – development of a server version of the service;
  • $ 5 million – development and debugging of a decentralized platform;
  • $ 1 million – service and maintenance of servers (per year);
  • $ 1.2 million – top management and founders salaries (per year);
  • $1.3 million – infrastructural costs (office, data-centers, transport per year).

Soft  cap.

If collected funds are only $ 1,6 million including pre-sale, then the launch and geographical coverage of the service audience will be limited with UAE. And cost distribution will look like this:

  • 70 000 $ – legal work and support;
  • 500 000 $ – the cost of GPU servers with SSD data storage, designed for 5000 users with 1000 simultaneous online sessions, with the ability to scale;
  • 200 000 $ – marketing of ICO:
  • 100 000 $ – marketing of ICAR service;
  • 200 000 $ – development of the server version of the service;
  • 450 000 $ – stuff and founders salaries (per year);
  • 100 000 $ – infrastructural costs (per year).

All other variations of collected funds will only affect our presence or absence in new regions and the maximum number of users in certain regions.

What is ICRM token?

  • ICAReum token (ICRM) is a digital utility smart contract on Ethereum platform (proc. ERC-20).
  • The main purpose of ICRM token is crowdsale.
  • During testing and development of the online service we will define all requirement to our own blockchain and own coin. And after issuing of our own coin we will make the 1 to 1 exchange for all token holders.
  • The emission of ICRM tokens will amount to 100,000,000 ICRMs.
  • All unsold during crowdsale tokens will be burned after the completion of the ICO and distribution of bonuses.

Structure of ICRM token distribution.

The issued 100,000,000 (one hundred million) ICAREUM tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 1. Token pre-sale 3% (3 million ICRM) – running right now! (30% funded)
  • • 3% (3 million ICRM) are sold on closed pre-sale at a price of $ 0.2 per ICRM.
  • 2. ICAR platform reserve 7% (7 million ICRM)
  • • Frozen and distributed among the founders and staff of the project.
  • • Will be unfrozen only after the service is started and used only as a minimum stock of tokens for sale to users of the service who do not have experience in operations with crypto-currencies.
  • • Some of these tokens may arrive at the exchange, but not earlier than 6 months after the launch of the paid ICAR service.
  • 3. The main token-sale is 80% (80 million ICRM)
  • • 15% (15mln ICRM) are sold at a price $ 0.4 per ICRM;
  • • 35% (35mln ICRM) are sold at a price $ 0.5 per ICRM;
  • • 6% (6mln ICRM) are sold at a price $ 0.6 per ICRM;
  • • 24% (24mln ICRM) are reserved for referral bonuses and bonuses for large token purchase.
  • 4. Bonus 10% (10 million ICRM)
  • • 2% (2mln ICRM) bounty campaign;
  • • 3% (3M ICRM) marketing;
  • • 5% (5 million ICRM) team partners.

Referral program and bonuses.

  • 1. During the ICO, a one-level referral program will operate.
  • • For recommending a new user to take part in our ICO – the recommended one will receive abonus of 5% of the amount of tokens purchased by the new user. The corresponding amount of ICAREUM tokens will be credited to the agent in his personal account and transferred to his wallet.
  • 2. In addition, for large buyers, the following bonus system is provided.
  • When purchasing ICRM tokens for the amount of:
  • – from $ 50,000 – token bonus in the amount of 10% of the purchased amount of ICRM;
  • – from 100.000 $ – bonus of 15%;
  • – from 200.000 $ – bonus of 20%;
  • – over 1.000.000 $ – individual bonus conditions are possible.
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